Words Often Confused—I

Pairs/sets of words often confused, beginning with the letter I

ideal  —  idle  —  idol  —  idyll (also idyl)

ill —  sick

illegal  —  illicit  —  illegitimate

imaginary  —  imaginative

immunise  —  vaccinate

impracticable  —  impractical

improvident  —  imprudent  —  impudent

incidence  —  incident

incredible  —  incredulous

industrial  —  industrious

infer  —  imply

inflect  —  inflict

informant  —  informer

ingenious  —  ingenuous

inhabit  —  inhibit

injection  —  injunction

instil  —  install

intellectual  —  intelligent  —  intelligible

intense  —  intensive

interest  —  entrust (also intrust)

interrupt  —  interpret

into  —  in  to

invaluable  —  valueless

inventory  —  discovery  [discover  —  invent]

irruption  —  eruption

its  —  it’s

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