Words Often Confused—F

Pairs/sets of words often confused, beginning with letter F

faint  —  feint

fair  —  fare

fallow  —  fellow  —  follow

familiar to  —  familiar with

farm  —  firm  —  form

farmer  —  former

farther  —  further

fell  —  felled

fertile  —  futile

fiction  —  faction  —  friction  —  fraction

flammable  —  inflammable

flea  —  flee

fledged  —  pledged

fleece   —   fleece

flop  —  flap  —  flip

flour  —  flower

flowed  —  flown

flu  —  flue  —  flew

forbear  —  forebear

forego  —  forgo

formerly  —  formally

foul  —  fowl  —  (foal)

found  —  fond  —  fund

franc  —  frank

freight  —  fright

fury  —  furry

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