Roman Catholic:

(plural: ‘Roman Catholics‘; for the right pronunciation of this phrase, please click here)

a Christian (a Catholic) of the Church that is under the control of the Pope (in communion with the Pope) and belongs to the “Roman rite”, one of the several individual churches of the main Catholic Church,

The Pope in Rome, the head of all the Roman Catholics

The Pope in Rome, the head of all the Roman Catholics


Being a Roman Catholic, Sarah is against family planning, contraceptives, abortion and same-sex marriage.

Some Roman Catholics don’t mind being just Catholics, but some others insist that they be called Roman Catholics.

There have been heated discussions within the Roman Catholics, with other members of other religions and, more importantly, with the government about the accusation of Roman Catholics converting others often by bribing and occasionally by threatening.

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Compare: Protestant
Note: It is to be noted that when ‘catholic’ is written with a small (lower case) letter ‘c’, it is “universal” church which is not in communion with the Pope in Rome (Vatican City), for example, Protestants are known to consider themselves catholic; and when it is written with a capital (upper case) letter ‘C‘, it means it is either Roman Catholic or Catholic Church and it is in communion with the Pope! For an interesting article that explains the difference between a Roman Catholic and a Catholic, please click here.

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