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plum ~ plumb

[‘plumb’ rhymes with ‘plum’ because the letter ‘b’ is silent]

Plum” (noun) is ‘a kind of edible fruit with a round shape and soft smooth skin, and with a single hard seed in the centre of the tasty flesh’,

a plum


Children like to eat plums very much.


Plumb” (noun, with the letter ‘b’ silent) is ‘a ball shaped mass of lead (metal) tied to one end of a rope used for finding water depth or to find out something, a wall, for example, is vertical’; (verb) is ‘1. to measure the depth of water level; 2. to find out the meaning of something mysterious’; (adjective & adverb) is ‘(something) exactly to the level; exactly’,

a plumb


The brick-layers (masons) use a plumb or plumb line to see the walls they build are vertical (up right).

The police detective is plumbing the cause for the mass murders.  [i.e. trying to solve the mystery of the mass murders]

{1. “Plumbing” (noun, with the letter ‘b’ silent, and always with ‘ing’ form) means ‘all the pipes of a water supply system in a building’; and the person who fixes and repairs the water pipes is called a ‘plumber’. For example, ‘The plumbing of this house is in a very bad condition; you can see the pipes rusted and the water dripping.’  2. The word ‘plump’ (noun & adjective) means ‘a sudden fall of something, and the sound caused by it; (of people) fat; nice, round parts of the body, especially the face. For example, “Her bag fell plump in the pond and she looked around helpless.” & “His girl friend has a plump face.”}

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