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(plural: ‘philistines‘; pronunciation: the letters ‘phi’ are said with an ‘fi’ sound as in “fill” and the letters ‘tine’ rhyme with the word “teen”)

a crowd of philistines booing a classical singer

a person who does not like or understand the high level art, music, literature, culture, etc.;

{It is considered an expression used as an insult to a person who does not have enough knowledge in a specific field.}

a low-brow;

(always with a capital ‘P’) a person belonging to an ancient people called “Aegean” who settled in a place called “Philistia”, a place somewhere between the present Israel and Palestine in Asia,

an army of Philistines in ancient Philistia


My friend is a total philistine when it comes to classical music.

Though she has a Master’s degree in computers, Janet is a philistine in animation designing.

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