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owed ~ owned

[different pronunciation]

Owed” (verb — for the right pronunciation of owed, please click here) ~~~  owe – owed – owed – owing  is ‘to have to pay something to somebody; to be grateful for something, like some help, to someone’,


He owed me some money, but died without repaying.


Owned” (verb — for the right pronunciation of owned, please click here) ~~~  own – owned – owned is ‘to have something; to possess something or someone; to have something as property by rightful law’,

To get owned‘ is an informal (slang) expression used to mean ‘to defeat somebody in an argument or to get hurt oneself while doing something or playing with something’, e.g. “A boy got owned by a ball.” or “A politician gets owned by a journalist!”

“Owner” is the person who owns something or someone.


This man owned a large property when he was young, but now he owns nothing.

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