(plural: ‘meddlers‘)

‘to meddle’ = to do something that one is not invited or permitted to do so; to involve oneself in others matters or business without being asked to do or without their permission, most often trying to help or trying to sort out some personal problem but in doing so causing more harm than good, e.g. “Never meddle in someone else’s love affair.”

a person who meddles with others or in others’ affairs;

a busybody,

a meddler (M) interfering in a couple's problem

a meddler (M) interfering in a couple’s problem


Janet is such a meddler that everyone stops discussing their personal matters when she is around.

Rob always meddles with my computer even though I’ve told his several times not to touch it!

There are bound to be a couple of meddlers in every office, snooping into others’ affairs and taking pleasure in spreading rumours.

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