(plural: ‘Martians‘; pronunciation: the letters ‘tian’ are said with a ‘shan’ sound — roughly like “mar.shan” — for the right pronunciation of this word, please click here)

an imaginary living being (like a person) of the planet Mars in our solar system, mostly found in science fiction stories and films,

(an artists imagination of Martians)

(an artist’s imagination of Martians)


In most of the science fiction films, Martians are shown as highly intelligent but extremely aggressive beings.

“Martians” are supposed to be more advanced and far more intelligent beings than we human beings, with a large head, short body but long thin hands and legs, visiting our planet Earth for different reasons.

The topic of Mars and Martians is so interested that there are several imaginary articles and stories and fake news reports of Martians actually visiting the earth and invading the earthlings!

For an article that shows us how we come across this word in our daily browsing, please click here, for a news item reporting Martian attack on the Earth, please click here, for an item of news (false or true) about NASA finding Martians and killing them, please click here and for an article that shows us how this word creates imaginations and gossip and rumours, please click here.
Note: ‘Martian’ is also used as an adjective to refer to matters related to planet Mars, e.g. e.g. Martian soil, Martian organics, Martian visits, Martian life, etc. For an article that shows us how this word is used as an adjective, please click here.

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