a kind of bird – belongs to parrot – small stocky body, short blunt tail, relatively large beak with hooked upper part, several different feather colours; size: 5-6 inches long, weight: 40-60 grams; feeds on grasses, seed, fruit and vegetables (the Abyssinian lovebird eats insects besides plant matter); lives for 10-15 years; 9 species (kinds) originally from Africa and Madagascar, but now bred in different attractive colours all over the world

Some common lovebirds are: peach-faced lovebird, masked lovebird, Lilian’s lovebird, Fisher’s lovebird, black-cheeked lovebird, grey-headed lovebird, Abyssinian lovebird, red-headed lovebird, black-collared lovebird.
Special Features:
Lovebirds are the smallest of the parrot family.

a pair stays together

These birds are given the common name ‘lovebirds’ because of the affection mating pairs show their partners – staying close together and petting and preening each other for longer times, and mating for life!

Lovebirds are the most popular pet birds in the world – ‘peach-faced lovebird’ being the most popular of all lovebirds – because they are sociable and affectionate not only with their own kind but also with the people that own them!!

Lovebirds learn to mimic some human sounds, but they cannot talk in the real sense!

A small Australian parakeet with black and yellow marking on light green feathers in the wild but bred in may attractive colours by pet trader is also called a ‘lovebird’.

Figures of Speech:

lovebird (noun)  =  a person who shows love for another person of the opposite sex


lovebirds  =  a couple who are openly affectionate and expressive with each other, especially before others and in public places  (‘a couple’ = a man and a woman; a wife and husband)

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