(plural: lambs‘; pronunciation: letter ‘b’ is silent)

a young, gentle and innocent person;

a person who can be cheated easily in money matters,

two little lambs


Julie is such a lamb everybody likes her for her beauty and innocence.

When he was caught in the dirty act of stealing office money, Dalton said he was made a sacrificial lamb, to mean that he was innocent but somebody had incriminated him to cover their own crime.

Monica is just a good lamb, full of vigour, beauty and innocence, but tries to look like a sheep. (i.e. though she is young and pretty, she looks and behaves in such a way that she seems much older than her age)

Our community is full of lambs who have no idea how the so called politicians, evangelists and stock brokers are fleecing them clean.

For the lyrics one of the songs in the movie The Sound of Music’ in which we see how Maria the nun is described as a lamb (in stanza 7), please click here, for a political news article in which we read this word ‘lamb’ being used for innocent people, please click here & please click here and for an article that discusses the lamb in stock market, please click here.
‘Lamb’ is more commonly used to refer to the baby of a sheep.

‘Lamb’, usually with the article ‘the’, is also used to represent all the good and innocent people.

‘Lamb‘, always with a capital ‘L’, is used to refer to Jesus Christ. For a news article that shows us how this word ‘lamb’ is used to refer to Jesus Christ, please click here.

‘Lamb‘, always with a capital ‘L’, is often found in the names of people, e.g. Amanda Lamb, Willis Eugene Lamb Jr., Penny Lamb, etc. For an article that explains the origin of this word as a surname, please click here.

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