(plural: ‘kleptomaniacs‘; pronunciation: for the right pronunciation of this word, please click here)

‘kleptomania’ = a disease of the mind which causes an uncontrollable desire to steal, usually small but attractive things, though the person suffering from this disease is rich enough to buy those things he/she steals, for an excellent article on kleptomania, please click here

a person suffering from kleptomania,

a kleptomaniac stealing a book  at a book-store


Alison’s friends are taking their chances and inviting Alison to their places even after knowing that she’s a kleptomaniac just to help her get over that stealing impulse in her.

There is a difference between a shoplifter and a kleptomaniac: a shoplifter steals things in shops to save money or for lack of money but a kleptomaniac steals only to satisfy the urge they have in them while they see an opportunity to steal and not because they are poor, and the strange thing is the kleptomaniac feels sorry and wishes he/she stop stealing things.

It has been found out that more number of kleptomaniacs are women.

Some psychologists believe that by gradual monitoring and guidance, some kleptomaniacs can be cured of their disease.

Compare: maniac
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