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Kinds of Sentences:

according to construction _____________  according to expression

1. Simple Sentence ______________  1. Statement or Declarative

2. Compound Sentence ___________   2. Interrogative or question

3.  Complex Sentence ____________   3. Imperative

4. Compound-complex sentence _____  4. Exclamatory

‘according to construction’ = depending on the number of subject parts and predicate parts  used in the sentence

‘according to expression’ = depending on whether some information given; a question  asked; an order given, or a surprise , wonderment or fright expressed in the sentence.

Any given sentence must belong to any one of the kinds according to the construction, and any one of the kinds according to the expression.


Are all the boys singing and (are) all the girls dancing?

This sentence is:

a Compound Sentence according to construction

an Interrogative Sentence according to expression.

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