(plural: ‘incubuses‘ or ‘incubi‘; female: ‘succubus‘ or ‘succuba’– plural: ‘succubuses‘ or ‘succubi‘ or ‘susuccubae‘; pronunciation: the letter ‘i’ rhymes with the letter ‘i’ in “ink”, the first ‘u’ with the letter ‘c’ is said with a ‘q’ sound, and the second ‘u’ rhymes with the letter ‘a’ in “about” — for the right pronunciation of this word, please click here)

a male devil/demon which lies on a sleeping woman to have sex with (found in old folk stories),

(the mythical incubus on a sleeping women)


It’s no wonder that Lucy, a very sensitive girl and believes in mythological creatures, says that she’s harassed by an incubus every night.

Most logical people, including myself, wonder why does an incubus have to scare people to have sex… it could do have sex giving pleasure to its victim!

Some psychologists believe that people, men and women, who claim that they have been visited by incubi and succubi are those people who suppress their emotional and sexual desires for fear of religious social restrictions but. in their subconscious, mind enjoy or scared of having sexual pleasures in their dreams.

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A more common meaning is ‘a bad dream – a nightmare; a difficulty’. For an article that gives some explanation about the relation between sleep disturbances and ‘incubus’, please click here.
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