(plural: ‘impressionists‘; pronunciation: the first & the last letter ‘i’ rhymes with the letter ‘i’ in “ink”, and the letters ‘ssion’ rhyme with the letters ‘tion’ in “station”)

Daniel Wall, American impressionist (art) at work

a person or an artist who practises or favours impressionism in painting or music (impressionism = a method of painting pictures, writing books or playing music);

a person who does impression, especially as a theatre performance or show; a comic impressionist (impression, in this context = the act of imitating a famous person’s appearance or behaviour in a funny way in order to make people laugh),

Gerry Lavelle, a comic impressionist


As an impressionist (art), Gerald shows his passion for not only the art but also gardens that he love so much — most of his impressions have a garden in them.

To appreciate an impressionist’s painting what a fan needs is an eye for the depth and light of the painting rather than the subject or theme.

Some people say that stage impressionists are nothing more than standing-in comedians who make a living out of mocking some celebrities and politicians.

It’s not uncommon to hear comic impressionists being called impersonators or imitators, mostly when the impressionists are look alike of their subjects, i.e. the people they use to make impressions.

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Compare: expressionist
Note: ‘Impressionist’ is also used as an adjective as in ‘impressionist artist’, ‘impressionist art’, ‘impressionist views’, ‘impressionist legacy’, etc.

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