(the letter ‘u’ rhymes with the letter ‘u’ in “but”; and the letter ‘t’ is silent)

a very active person;

a businessman who does very active business; a go-getter;

(in American usage) a person who hustles (to hustle = to cause to move fast; to make others believe one’s abilities more than they actually are);

a person who tries to trick/cheat others;

a prostitute (a person who gives sex to others for money or favours),

a street hustler (R) selling a fake watch to a passer-by (L)


In simple, a hustler is someone who knows how to get money any which way which you can.

There are several kinds of hustlers: business hustlers, businessmen who do anything to get their business going; street hustlers, small time criminals who urge passers-by to buy fake things or to visit any prostitute, or even offer themselves for money; pool hustlers, who who play pool game (a kind of billiard game which is also called ‘pocket billiards’) either for somebody else or themselves for quick money; card hustlers, card players who apply some tricks the others are not aware of and win some money; political hustlers, politicians who give false information to the people and urge to do what they want in the name of progress; racial hustlers, people who instigate racial or religious differences among people and make profit out of the disturbances or clashes that erupt from those clashes; house hustlers, people who go about places and try to sell houses for less profit, and so on.

Most street hustlers are young ex-convicts and repeat felonies who come back to the street walking as soon as they are released from prison, doing small crimes, helping drug dealers and pimping for prostitutes only to be caught again and sent back to the prison.

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