(plural: ‘heretics‘)

‘heresy’ = a belief against what is accepted by the society, especially of Roman Catholic official religion; for the right pronunciation of ‘heresy’, please click here

a heretic being punished by orthodox Church


aperson who favours heresy or is guilty of a heresy;

a person who has different, often opposite, beliefs from the officially or normally accepted beliefs in any field, such as art, religion, customs, etc.,

a heretic, Michael Savage a radio host, for being open and challenging


It is appalling to lean that not only in the past but also in the present political or religious heretics have been punished for expressing their opinion or belief.

When a politician becomes a political heretic when he/she openly comments on issues that are hushed up by the party leaders, and often face severe consequences for being a heretic.

Scientists have had a tough time convincing political and religious heads of their communities that they are not heretics for expressing their scientific finding which practically help the society more than political policies or religious beliefs.

As communication has become easy and people’s opinions have been easily spread from one to another through modern means of communication systems, more and more people are becoming heretics, questioning the established beliefs in religion and the impractical policies in politics!

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