(also, very less commonly, ‘guider‘; plural: ‘guides‘; pronunciation: the letter ‘g’ rhymes with the letter ‘g’ in “garden”; the letters ‘ui’ rhyme with the letter ‘i’ in “die”; and the letter ‘e’ is silent)

a tourist guide with some tourists

somebody (or something) that shows the way, especially someone whose job is to show interesting places to strangers or tourists; shows things, usually by explaining them, to the visitors or tourists; a tour guide;

a person who gives advice and shows/tells others how to do something or how to understand something or someone; a leader;

a senior professor who helps post graduates to do their Ph.D., (Doctor of Philosophy degree);

a person with good qualities and great talent who stands as an example or model for others,

a guide, R, (senior) guiding her (junior) colleague


When the biologists on an expedition to study a rare insect-eating plant in the interior parts of the Amazon forest arrived at the nearest village to the forest, they engaged an old local man who knew the forest better than anybody else to act as a guide and tracker.

Seasoned tourists advise the freshers to engage good tourist guides to get a better understanding of the sites they visit and to save time.

Most of the hunting guides in Europe are licensed hunters who act as guides to amateur hunters who need a lot of guidance in finding wild animals on hunting grounds.

Jane who is in the second year of her thesis on “Human Nature and Culture” for her ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ degree is very much disappointed in her guide, the most reputed senior professor, who seems to be taking more interest in her body than in her thesis work.

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‘Guide’, also called ‘guide book’, means ‘a book which shows/teaches the way to do something or gives the facts about something or someone’. For an article/ad about a guide/guide book on First Aid, please click here.

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