plural: ‘guardsmen’; pronunciation: the letters ‘gua’ in this word rhyme with the letters ‘ga’ in “garden” — ‘guards…man’)

British guardsmen

a person whose duty is to guard someone or something; a guard;

a member of the U S National Guard (military unit);

(in Britain) a soldier in a regiment of household guards, i.e. the soldiers that guard the royal palaces, and responsible for taking part in ceremonial duties,

guardsmen of US National Guard


Sam, my dearest friend, joined the Army to become a guardsman.

The Royal Guardsmen look majestic and do their duty of guarding the Queen’s Palaces and Castles with diligence.

A coastal guardsman is a well-trained soldier in The Coastal Guard unit which guards coastal areas of its country.

According to the western mass media, the US National Guardsmen, along with the guardsmen of the allied forces, tried their best in preserving peace in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A coast guard or cost guardsman is a soldier belonging to a military unit called ‘Coast Guard’, and the British Royal Guard or Royal Guardsman is a soldier belonging to one of several units of the Queen’s Guards.

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