(also ‘jinni‘; plural: ‘genii‘ or ‘geneis‘; pronunciation: the letter ‘g’ in this word rhymes with the letter ‘j’ in the word “judge”)

an imaginary magical spirit (ghost), which in the form of a large man appears when called and helps the one who called it, found in Arabian fairy tales and the Koran;

(less commonly) any person with extraordinary power, skill or talent; a genius (next entry),

a genie out of the magic lamp


When he was young, my son used to believe the genie in cartoons and stories in books, especially ‘Aladdin and the Magic Lamp’, and try to find the magic lamp out of the old things in the attic.

By going to war on Iraq, America and its allies have let the genie out of the bottle, and now, as we see, more and more countries are harbouring terrorists and there have been more terrorist attacks on civilians than there were before the war.

In a multi-party political system, some small parties who are a part of the  coalition government, take the main party for a genie who would, or rather should, grant every one of their wishes.

Gerald and Mike are computer genies; they can do miracles using a computer as a magician in a show does tricks!

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