(plural: ‘fossils‘)

an old person with unchanging outdated or old fashioned ideas, habits and life style (usually in the phrase “old fossil”),

an old fossil


When I talk about gramophones/phonograph and fountain pens, my six-year-old grand-daughter, Sahi, looks at me in such a way that makes me feel I’m an ‘old fossil’.

The times have changed so fast that the terms such as ‘manners’, ‘politeness’ and ‘modesty’ have become obsolete and people still die to keep them alive are looked down upon as ‘old fossils’.

Some people believe that there is nothing shameful in being “old fossils” so long as you lead quiet, healthy, normal and pleasant lives and those who mock at you now eventually become ‘old fossils’ themselves.

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(a fossil of an animal that lived very long ago)

The original meaning of this word is a hardened part or print of an animal or plant that has been preserved (kept or stayed without spoiling) in the rock, ice or soil. Scientists and historians base their observations on the life in the past by studying these fossils, and even make images of the life in the very very past; the best example can be the images of dinosaurs. For a news article that reports of the oldest real fossil, the remains of some living thing some millions of years ago, please click here.

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