Of all the seven thousand spoken languages, with about two hundred having writing (script), only the English language is spoken all over the world. And one of the reasons for this popularity is the fact that English is a living language, i.e. it accepts any word from any other language that comes into it, unlike some languages such as Old Latin, Sanskrit.

As there are so many thousands of words – original and adapted – there is always a scope for some confusion; and to add to this, English is one of those languages whose words are pronounced not by the spelling but by the origin and the period of origin of the words.

The best example can be the word ‘talk’ which has the letter “L” in writing but does not have the sound of it in its pronunciation. And in some cases, a letter (or letters) in one word is pronounced with one sound and the same letter sounds different in another.

For example, ‘ch’ in bench is pronounced as in ‘church’ because it is from Anglo-Saxon language “benc”, but the same ‘ch’ in stomach is pronounced with a ‘K’ sound as in ‘walk’ because it is from Greek language “stomachos”, and in Greek ‘ch’ has the ‘K’ sound.

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