(plural: ‘dressers‘)

to dress = to put on clothes; to put on bandage or other material on a wound to protect it; and to clean some edible including chicken and prepare it ready for cooking or eating

a careful dresser

a person who dresses (puts on clothes) in a particular way — a fancy dresser, a careful dresser, etc.;

(also called ‘surgical dresser’) a trained person in a clinic or hospital whose job is to put on bandages on the wounds or cuts of patients;

a person whose job is to look after or supply costumes to the actors on a stage (theatre),

a surgical dresser (R) dressing a patient (L)


Daniel is a sensible dresser who knows what to wear in different situations; his brother, however, is a fancy dresser who wears all sorts of trendy, odd-looking clothes.

A crossdresser, on the other hand, is a person, usually a boy or a man, who likes to wear the clothes of their opposite gender, i.e. a boy or man who likes to wear the clothes of a girl or woman and a girl or woman who feels comfortable in the clothes of a boy or a man!

Most rich people, usually those who have to attend public meetings and party regularly, appoint a personal dresser who knows about fashions and sense of good dressing depending on the occasion.

The factory where I worked usually employed a dresser or two so that whenever there is an accident in the factory, the victims can be attended to and the wounds can be dressed immediately before getting them to a hospital.

Having a very good sense of dressing and knowing about the fashions of the past, Betty and John got high-paid jobs as dressers at the Globe Theatre, where they suggest, design and supply costumes to the actors and actresses.

In the past, a worker who worked at or who operated a machine which prepared threads in a textile mill was called a dresser.

a dresser (L) helping an actor (R) put on the coat

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Compare: hairdresser
Note: ‘Dresser’, always with a capital ‘D’, is often found in the names of people, e.g. Solomon R. Dresser, Lee Dresser, William Dresser, etc.

(a dresser)

A more common meaning is a piece of furniture – a low ‘chest of drawers’/’dressing table’ usually with a mirror attached;(American Usage) a cupboard or sideboard to keep dishes and kitchen utensils. And a kind of tool also called ‘grinding dresser’ or ‘wheel dresser’ used to balance a grinding wheel. For an advertisement with pictures of a dresser, please click here.
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