(in short ‘dipso‘; plural: ‘dipsomanics; pronunciation: the letters ‘di’ rhyme with the word “dip”; and the last letter ‘c’ is pronounced with a ‘k’ sound)

dipsomania = an uncontrollable desire/craving for alcoholic drinks — brandy, whiskey, rum, etc.

a dipsomaniac

a person suffering from dipsomania;

an alcoholic;

a boozer;

a drunkard; a drunk,

a couple of dipsomaniacs having a go at the drinks


Fred is a dipsomaniac who cannot keep his need for a drink under control.

The present world is so stressful that more and more people are becoming dipsomaniacs for one reason or the other.

There are many licensed institutions that are good at treating dipsomaniacs who really wish to quit drinking but are unable to do so.

It is understood that men are more prone to become dipsomaniacs than women; however, there may be some individual cases where a woman beats out a man in drinking!

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