(plural: ‘diplomats‘; for the right pronunciation of this word, please click here)

‘diplomacy’ = the art of skillfully conducting negotiations, agreements, peace, etc. between two parties which may be political, business or cultural
United Nation's highest level diplomat, Ban Ki-moon

United Nation’s highest level diplomat, Ban Ki-moon

an official representative, such as an ambassador, of a country who lives in a foreign country to maintain good relations and to oversee the smooth functioning of trade, military and cultural activities between the two countries;

any person who uses skill and tact in dealing with others and in solving problems, using pleasing or convincing explanations and propositions;

a diplomatist (next entry → →),

Henry Kissenger, a renowned diplomat

Henry Kissenger, a renowned diplomat


Henry Kissinger is one of the great diplomats in the world’s diplomatic circles.

A diplomat, in some countries, is also called a Foreign Service Officer who deals with the bi-lateral issues involving the country he/she working in and his/her own country.

Most diplomats are under a special protection system called ‘diplomatic immunity’, which means that they are not treated as ordinary citizens during their stay in the country they work, they are not to be arrested or detained by any local legal or police agency, their belongings are not to be checked or confiscated at any airports or bus or railway stations while they are travelling, and they and their families are given special treatment wherever they are invited.

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