(plural: ‘comedians‘; pronunciation: the letter ‘c’ in this word is pronounced with a ‘k’ sound; female: a woman comedian is spelled “comedienne“, but the pronunciation is almost the same as ‘comedian’ — ‘comedienne‘ — for the pronunciation of ‘comedian’, please click here & for the pronunciation of ‘comedienne’, please click here)

Adam Sandler, Hollywood comedian

a person who makes others laugh with his/her jokes or actions;

an actor (a professional) in a play (drama), story, film, TV show, etc. who tells or does funny or silly things that make the audience laugh;

an entertainer;

a writer who writes stories full of jokes and funny incidents and characters (comedy stories and comedy characters) which make readers laugh a lot;

a foolish person who is not taken seriously by other people;

a Stand-up comedienne


The true comedian is the one who makes other laugh even when he cries.

RIP Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin was one of the greatest English comedians.

Every story, play and film has one or more comedians that keep the readers/audience in a light spirit.

comedians, comics & clowns

A ‘comic’ and a ‘clown’ also come under this category; however, there is a simple difference between a ‘comic‘ and a ‘comedian’: a ‘comedian’ makes people laugh with his/her jokes and funny stories, but a “comic” makes people laugh with his/her funny actions and body movements, mostly keeping the face in such a way that it makes others laugh; but a “clown” is entirely different from these two, with his/her make-up and colourful and strange clothes, doing silly and funny actions!

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Note: A ‘stand-up comedian’ is an entertainer who tells simple but humorous comments on current topics that make people laugh. For an interesting article on stand-up comedians, please click here.

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