(pronunciation: the letters ‘bul’ & ‘bul’ rhyme with the word “bull”)

a bulbul

a kind of bird – medium-sized song bird – [some forest species (kinds) are called ‘greenbuls’]; with short and round wings and long tail; about 5 to 11 inches in length; weight differs depending on the kind and the food availability; feeds on fruit, seeds, nectar, small insects and small crawling animals; about 30 species (kinds) found in Asia and Africa, and introduced to several other places through pet market

Special Features:

The ‘white cheeked bulbul’ is the national bird of Bahrain, Persian Gulf, Asia;

the ‘common bulbul’ or ‘garden bulbul’ is the national bird of Liberia, Africa;

the ‘black-crested bulbul’ is the state bird of Goa, a state in India.

Bulbuls are one of the popular pet birds.

A bulbul’s call (voice) is melodious, and is frequently mentioned in poetry and songs. However, contrary to the belief that all bulbuls sing sweetly, the voice of some species (kinds) is described as ‘the most unattractive’ by some bird experts!

There is only one kind of bulbul in Europe.

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