(plural: ‘brunettes‘; pronunciation: the letters ‘bru’ rhyme with the letters ‘broo’ in “brood”, and the letters ‘nette’ rhyme with the word “net”)

a white woman (Caucasian) with dark or brown hair, and also dark eye and/or skin colour,

a beautiful brunette

Monica, my beautiful cousin, is a brunette.

As with the blondes, it is often difficult to tell apart a natural brunette from an artificial brunette.

Though most men are not very particular about the colour of their girlfriends’ hair, most brunettes feel that they are most chosen and best loved by men.

a brunet — a man with natural brown hair



‘Brunet’, another spelling for ‘brunette’, is also used for a boy or man who has dark hair, eyes and skin, but not used by all speakers of English, and ‘Brunet’, always with a capital “B”, is often found in the names of people, e.g. George Brunet, Juliana Brunet, etc.

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Compare: blond; redhead

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