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bail  —  bale

[‘bail’ has the same sound as bale’ that rhymes with “pale”]

Bail”, for the right pronunciation, please click here, is

bail money to be paid to the court

(a) ‘the money or some personal guarantee left with a court of law so that a prisoner may be set free until he or she is tried in the court of law’,

bails on stumps in a cricket game




(b) ‘(in the game of cricket) one of the two small pieces of wood kept on the top of stumps’,


a bail to remove water from a boat

(c) ‘a container used to remove water from a boat’,


I stood bail for the release of my friend who was arrested on charges of murder.

There have been several occasions when the ball hits the stumps but the bails don’t fall off the stumps!

Fishermen keep a couple of bails on their fishing boats to bail water out of their leaking boats.


cotton bales

Bale”, for the right pronunciation, please click here, is ‘a large mass of goods or material tied tightly’,

Several bales of cloth were damaged in the fire accident.e.g.

A shipload of cotton bales is ready to be exported to Japan.


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