Animals in Language A — Z


We not only share this world with other animals but also use the names of those animals in our languages.  We use the names of animals in our languages for different purposes – in talking about a person’s character, looks and behaviour – in figures of speech.

This part of the study material is dedicated to our closest relatives on the Earth.  Like every other list of words this list is also not complete, but we can go on adding whenever we come across a new or more commonly used name of an animal (the name that has not been included).

All the entries are given a brief profile – the size, shape, height, weight, food, location, etc.; and in the next section, for most of the animals, we are given the specific words that are used for male, female and infant (baby); for some animals, under ‘special features’, we are given what a particular animal is famous for, how it is useful for people and/or for other animals; and for some other animals, under ‘figures of speech’, we are shown with example sentences how those animal names are used in our everyday language usage – in metaphors, similes, proverbs, sayings, etc.

For easy reference, we can click on the letter that corresponds to the first letter of the name of the animal we like to know about in the line of letters of alphabet below.  For example, to know about “adder”, we click on the letter ‘a’, and we will see all the names of the animals that begin with the letter ‘a’ given in this study material, and then we can choose the particular animal and click on that name.


Animals starting with letter “A”

aardvark  adder albatross alligator alpaca Alsatian amphibian anabas anaconda anchovy

angler fish angora ant ant-cow anteater antelope ape aphid archer fish arachnid

armadillo asp ass auk axolotl aye-aye

Animals starting with letter “B”

baboon badger bandicoot bantam barnacle barracuda bass basset bat beagle

bear beaver bedbug bee beefalo beetle bird bison bitch bittern blackbird black widow

bloodhound blowfly blue whale boa boar boll weevil booby bowerbird brute buck

budgerigar buffalo bug bulbul bull bulldog bullfinch bulldog ant bullock bumblebee

bunting burbot bushdog butterfly buzzard

Animals starting with letter “C”

cahow calf camel canary capybara cardinal caracal carp cassowary cat caterpillar

cattalo catfish cattle centipede cavy chaffinch chameleon chamois cheetah chick

chicken Chihuahua chimpanzee chinchilla chow chub cicada cichlid civet clam

cobra cochineal cock cockatoo cocker spaniel cockle cockroach cod

coelacanth collie Colorado beetle colt conch Congo snake conger eel constrictor coot

coral cormorant corncrake cotton stainer cow coypu crab louse crake crab crane

crayfish cricket croaker crocodile crow cub cuckoo cur curlew cuttlefish

Animals starting with letter “D”

daddy longlegs dam deathwatch beetle deer dickybird dingo dinosaur dipper

Dobermann (Dobermann pinscher) dodo doe dog doggie dogie dolphin

donkey dory dormouse dove dragon dragonfly drake dryopithecine drone duck

duckling dugong dung beetle

Animals starting with letter “E”

eagle earthworm earwig echidna eel egret eider duck eland electric ray electric eel

elephant elk elkhound emu English setter English shepherd ermine ewe

Animals starting with letter “F”

falcon fallow deer ferret filly finback finch firefly fish fisher flatfish flea

flounder fly flying fish flying fox flying squirrel foal fox fox hound fox terrier

Frisian frog fry fur seal

Animals starting with letter “G”

gadfly gamecock gander gannet gazelle giant panda giraffe globe fish glow worm

gnat goat gobbler goldcrest goldfinch goldfish goose gropher gorilla gosling

grampus grasshopper grebe greyhound grouse guacharo gudgeon guinea fowl

guinea pig gull guppy gyrfalcon

Animals starting with letter “H”

hackney haddock hagfish halibut hamster hanuman hare hatchling hatchet fish hawk

hedgehog hedge sparrow heifer hen heron herring hind hippopotamus hobby hog

homing pigeon honeybee honeyguide hookworm hornet horse horsefly hound

humming bird husky hyena hyrax

Animals starting with letter “I”

Ichneumon fly iguana impala insect

Animals starting with letter “J”

jackal jackass jackdaw Jack Dempsey jackrabbit jay jellyfish jerboa jersey jigger

Animals starting with letter “K”

kangaroo kangaroo rat kestrel kid killer whale king cobra kipper kite kitten

kiwi klipspringer koala kookaburra krill

Animals starting with letter “L”

Labrador ladybird lamb lamprey lapdog lapwing lark leatherjacket leech lemming

lemur leopard limpet lion lionfish lizard llama loach lobster locust loon

louse lovebird lynx

Animals starting with letter “M”

macaque macaw mackerel maggot magpie malleefowl mamba mammal mammoth

mandrill maned wolf mantis marabou mare marmoset marsupial marten mason wasp

mastiff merino midge millipede mink minnow moa mocking bird moggy

moke mole molluscs monarch mongoose mongrel monkey monster moo cow

moon calf moose mosquito moth mountain goat mountain lion mouse mouser

mud skipper mule mullet musk deer musk rat mussel mynah

Animals starting with letter “N”

nag nanny goat narwhal nene nestling newt nightingale

Animals starting with letter “O”

octopus Okapi opossum orangutang ortolan ostrich otter otter hound ousel ovenbird

owl owlet ox oyster oyster catcher

Animals starting with letter “P”

pachyderm pack rat painted lady panda pangolin panther parr parrot partridge

peachick peacock peafowl Pekinese pelican penguin peregrine pheasant

pig pigeon pike pilchard piranha plaice platypus plover polar bear polecat

Pomeranian pony pooch poodle porcupine porcupine fish porker porpoise possum

Portuguese man-of-war prairie dog prawn praying mantis proboscis monkey ptarmigan

puffin pug pup puss

Animals starting with letter “Q”


Animals starting with letter “R”

rabbit raccoon rail ram rat ratel rattle snake raven ray razor back red admiral

red deer reindeer remora reptile retriever rhea rhesus rhinoceros roach

road runner robin rodent roe rook rooster

Animals starting with letter “S”

sable fish saiga sailfish salamander salmon sardine scorpion screech owl sea anemone

sea cow sea cucumber sea horse seal sea urchin secretary bird seps serpent shark

shear water sheep sheepshead sheep dog shellfish shrew shrimp Siamese cat silk worm

silver fish skate skimmer skunk skylark slug smelt snail snake snapper snipe

sockeye sow spaniel sparrow sperm whale spider sponge spoonbill sprat springbok

spring peeper squab squid squirrel stag starfish starling St. Bernard steed steer

stingray stoat stork storm petrel stud sturgeon sucking pig sunbird sunfish swallow

swan swift swine swordfish Sydney funnel web

Animals starting with letter “T”

tabby tadpole taipan tapeworm tarantula tarpon Tasmanian devil Tasmanian wolf

tench termite tern terrier thresher thrush Thylacine tick tiger tigon tit toad

tomcat tope tortoise tree kangaroo trout tsetse fly tuna tup turbot turkey

turkey cock turtle turtledove tyke

Animals starting with letter “U”


Animals starting with letter “V”

vampire vicuna viper vixen vulture

Animals starting with letter “W”

wagtail wallaby walrus wapiti warbler warthog wasp water buffalo weasel whale

whelk whelp whippet whippoorwill white ant whiting whooping crane wild boar

wildcat wild dog winkle wolf wolverine woodcock woodlouse woodpecker worm

wrasse wren wryneck

Animals starting with letter “Y”

yak yellow jacket

Animals starting with letter “Z”

zebra zoophyte zorro

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