(plural: ‘agitators‘; pronunciation: the letter ‘g’ is said with a ‘dg’ sound as in “judge”)

‘to agitate’ = to make something move suddenly or to make somebody move against somebody or something else physically,mentally and sentimentally, and usually with force and violence
agitators at a demostration

agitators at a demostration

a person who excites and influences other people’s feelings or line of thinking especially with logical or convincing arguments towards political or social change  in a society, country, etc., (which usually results in people turning violent — using force and destructive methods to gain that desired change);

a trouble maker; a revolutionary,

angry agitators burning vehicles

angry agitators burning vehicles


A famous social worker from our state was accused of being an agitator and was house-arrested.

When there are serious protests and marches against a government, the government sends its own agitators into action and they create confusion and disorder in the public, which finally results in people forgetting why they have started the agitation in the first place!

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Note: ‘Agitator’ is more commonly used to refer to a device or apparatus that moves, shakes or stirs something that is put in it, e.g. “Kitchen apparatus such as washing machine, dishwasher, etc. have agitators that rotate back and forth to move the things in it.” For an advertisement that shows us how we see this mechanical agitators in our daily browsing, please click here.

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